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Maxvoltar - Yes, this site is still alive!

Maxvoltar is the personal weblog of Tim Van Damme, a freelance interface designer at Made by Elephant.

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Yes, this site is still alive!

Busy. That’s my excuse for the lack of updates to I’m currently working on half a dozen of projects simultaneously, and they all need to launch before the end of the year. I can’t tell a lot about them right now (hush hush), but here are some peeks underneath the curtain.


Quollect is something I’m doing together with Mathias Baert and Sam Brown. It’s a small we-build-it-because-we-need-it app. If you’re interested in a beta account, just leave your email address. No need to explain further, as the tagline says it all.


I didn’t really help with Twistory, but still my name is on the site. Why? Because Twistory is the foundation for much more projects to come. Expect more news from this early December. Hint: It involves paper.


  • I did the design for an iPhone app. (and would love to do this more and more)
  • Twunches can now happen in style.
  • Your christmas lists will never be the same.
  • Dinner will never be the same (dutch).
  • My own site will get a facelift soon.
  • I’m designing an online store.
  • I’m doing the site for 2 insanely smart developers.
  • A high-profile (dutch) blogger will launch a redesign soon.


  • Maybe I’ll start my own store. Or is it your store?
  • I still love icons.
  • My favorite CMS is getting some much-needed love.
  • My girlfriend is thinking about starting her own blog.
  • Sleep.


  • Bruno

    5246 days ago

    Hi Tim,

    What do you mean with “My favorite CMS is getting some much-needed love”? Textpattern gonna be revamped?


  • Tim Van Damme

    5246 days ago

    @Bruno: Not TxP. Can’t say more.

  • Otis

    5238 days ago

    Busy as you are, have you thought about porting the current design of this blog to a wp theme?
    I know you are using txp but I think this is a design to share (or sell): nice typography, design, love the tumblr style… amazing.

  • Tim Van Damme

    5238 days ago

    @Otis: There are a couple of reasons why I will not do that:

    • Don’t have the time.
    • I wouldn’t know the first thing about making WP-themes.
    • This layout isn’t tested on older browsers, meaning I would get a ton of mails saying I should fix it for free or get flamed otherwise.
    • This layout is made specifically for my needs. More or less items in the navigation bar would break it.
  • Otis

    5237 days ago

    These are all good reasons!
    But I love it!

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