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Maxvoltar - What others think of the Magic Mouse

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What others think of the Magic Mouse

I did a small questionnaire on what others think of my favorite mouse, the Magic Mouse. Here are the raw numbers (download the results as Excel file):

  • 234 people filled in the questionnaire. (Thanks!!)
  • 75% bought their Magic Mouse in the first week when it launched.
  • 81% have good to very good experiences with it.
  • 5% of the people who filled out the form are female.
  • 70% have normal-sized hands (20% have huge hands).
  • 67% uses the claw.

At quick glance, it seems everyone likes their new mouse. Let me get my data analyst hat, and take a look at what these numbers really say:

  • Most people with big hands don’t like it. I completely understand, and blame the low height of the mouse for this. Even when you have normal-sized hands, the only way to hold and control the mouse is with your fingers. Having small hands is an advantage when you use it.
  • People who gave the mouse a high rating (4-5 out of 5) have been using it for over a week. There are a lot of 1-3 ratings from people who just bought it. Apparently, this mouse requires some getting used to.
  • Girls have big hands these days.

These are some quick observations. If you find some other insights, feel free to share them in the comments.

I wanted to add that the strange feeling I had after one day of using it is gone. It feels good, reacts fast, and is one hell of a sexy mouse!


  • Yaili

    4871 days ago

    Good to know — I’ve very small hands. Having said that, I’m very impatient when it comes to adapting to something new :( But the Mouse is shiny/beautiful/lickable enough for me to make that effort!

    Hopefully someone will be clever enough to give me one for Xmas, just one month to go :)

  • manolosavi

    4871 days ago

    whats ‘the claw’?? #noobquestion

    also: “Girls have big hands these days.” lol!

  • Yaili

    4871 days ago

    Just noticed: Cambria. Me likes ;)

  • Tim Van Damme

    4871 days ago

    • @Yaili: You will love it! Yes, it’s Cambria, hat tip to Mark Boulton for that one :)
    • @manolosavi: The “claw” is when you hold the mouse with only your fingertips. It’s either that, or holding the mouse with your entire hand.
  • Sebastiaan de With

    4871 days ago

    Eesh, the majority are claws? Crazy. Everyone knows the manly way to use a mouse is to crush it in your firm grip.

  • ajcates

    4871 days ago

    For those of you with a Magic Mouse or a newish Macbook really need to go check out BetterTouchTool. Easily makes the mouse 10 times as functional.

  • scottmacd

    4871 days ago

    I find that, when working in Photoshop, clicking and dragging stuff (using the marquee tool for example) will result in unwanted scrolling around – especially when zoomed into a document. Maybe they shouldn’t have made the entire surface multi-touch.

  • Christoph Zillgens

    4871 days ago

    Although I should like it as I have a normal hand size, I’m not convinced. I just tested the Magic Mouse a few minutes but recognized two things I didn’t like:
    1) The undersurface makes a scraping sound on my wooden desk and also makes the mouse not slide very well.
    2) I miss the scroll-wheel button which I use to open or close tabs. You can only achieve this by simultaneously pressing the command-key. Not very convenient .
    But the overall design and scrolling like the iPhone are simply
    <font-size:450px>GREAT!</font-size> :)

  • Ka-Chun Chau

    4871 days ago

    Should I get one with a Macbook Pro?

  • Martijn van der Ven

    4870 days ago

    Do girls have big hands or are their big hands medium hands when a guy would have them? In a real survey this would make a lot of difference, as the answers for men with “normal” hands should be matched up with women with “big” hands.

    As for a little questionnaire ran by you, let’s just go with girls having big hands ;-)

    Good to see many people like it, the flat design kinda put me off but now I might even considering looking at one.

  • Warren Black

    4870 days ago

    I am also getting unwanted scrolling with the Magic Mouse – most noticeably when surfing in Safari – I go to click a link, and I get a scroll, which means I miss the link. Quite annoying. It would be good if you could crank the sensitivity down a bit.

    Otherwise I like it, and already if I use someone else’s non-MM mouse, I find myself stroking it on the button area to scroll…

  • Andy Marshall

    4854 days ago

    “Girls have big hands these days.”?!

    Ha ha!! Presumably a person’s hand size is a personally subjective thing and you didn’t ask for dimensions and their height?

    I think thats a perception thing…

    “do my hands look big on this (magic mouse)?”

  • Thomas

    4854 days ago

    I just bought a new iMac, which came with the new mouse. The design is very appealing aesthetically. To me it feels like the tracking is too slow.. even when adjusted to the highest level in the settings. At times the right-click doesn’t seem to work. I often have had to click 3-4 times. I noticed if I click on the far right edge it’s more responsive. I think it’s a good mouse for browsing websites but I just can’t seem to get used to it while working in photoshop. I’ll stick to the wacom for that purpose.

  • Nicolas Chevallier

    4831 days ago

    Magic Mouse is definitely the best companion for my MacBook Pro!
    Apple has done again a perfect product.

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