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Maxvoltar - Transfer photos and videos wireless from your iPhone to your ‘puter with Dropbox

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Transfer photos and videos wireless from your iPhone to your ‘puter with Dropbox

Every time you take a picture or video with your iPhone, and want to transfer it to your computer, you need to go through these steps:

  1. Go to Mac
  2. Search for iPhone cable
  3. Connect iPhone to Mac with said cable
  4. Cross fingers iTunes doesn’t choke iPhoto with it’s monstrous syncing process
  5. Open iPhoto
  6. Click on “Import all” or “Import Selected”
  7. Wait
  8. Done, you can now use the picture or video

This has been bugging me ever since the iPhone got released. If Microsoft can achieve wireless syncing—even though through wifi only—why can’t Apple?

Then came this tweet from Jon Hicks:

Dropbox sync: Quote by Jon Hicks

The Dropbox iPhone client is available for free [iTunes], and a must-download!

So, how do I use Dropbox for wireless transferring?

It’s easy, but let me explain:

Dropbox sync steps

  1. Open the Dropbox app on your iPhone, press the camera icon top right, and select a photo or video with the option you prefer
  2. Let it upload (shouldn’t take more than 5 seconds for a photo if you’re on wifi)
  3. Ta-da!

By the time you get to your computer, the file you selected will be waiting in your Dropbox folder, ready to be used.

I like simple apps like this.

(if you haven’t already signed up for Dropbox, please use this referral link, which will give me an extra 250 MB. I love you too!)


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