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Maxvoltar - iPhone apps: Name your favorites!

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iPhone apps: Name your favorites!

The iTunes AppStore has finally passed it’s flashlight-phase, and more and more, you see some really great apps popping up. So: What apps do you have on your Jesus-phone?

Apps so good I use them every day

  • Things
  • NetNewsWire
  • Twitterrific
  • Mobile Fotos

Well, sometimes they’re useful…

  • Spore
  • Dashball
  • Remote
  • Kineo

I really should remove these…

  • Bomberman
  • PhoneSaber
  • Tap Tap
  • Enigmo (it was fun until I finished the game, not really liking the community-created levels)
  • reMovem
  • YouTube (Oh…)


  • Shaun Inman

    5035 days ago

    Shazam is great for identifying unfamiliar music which then can be used to create a new station in Pandora.

    Real-time, contextual music discovery. Who needs the Genius?

  • Nick Looijmans

    5034 days ago

    Things, Twitterific, Facebook and NetNewsWire are my most used applications. But I also use Flickup and Exposure quite often. I haven’t downloaded any games though, maybe I should start with Spore – which looks nice.

    Like the new layout a lot btw..

  • Sam Brown

    5034 days ago

    Agree with Shaun, Shazam is a ridiculously amazing application. Used it countless times and its never faltered.

    I use Twitterrific, Mobile Fotos and a lot.

    Games I have just in case I get bored somewhere Labyrinth, Dactyl, Tap Tap, Enigmo and 21.

    Air Sharing is also a new and super useful app that’s just out and free for the first 2 weeks.

  • Mike Robinson

    5034 days ago

    I wrote the same post last night, using the Wordpress app!

    I agree about Shazam, only had it fail once though that was probably because I spoke while it was listening.

    I’m liking the look of Pennies and I’ll start really using it next month. Palringo is good for IM and Movies is good for checking cinema times.

    Also, your new design is excellent. Nice work! :D

  • iYoko

    5034 days ago

    My most used apps: Twitterrific, Facebook (waiting for V2), Scoop (for Digg users) and Spore

  • prisca

    5034 days ago

    snap :-) again – wrote a post on this myself a few days ago…

    Favourites have to be Things (which I can’t do without), AirSharing, TubeStatus, Twitterific and for the games ‘TanZen’.

  • Tim Van Damme

    5034 days ago

    Thanks for the kind words about the new design!

    • Shaun: Apps like and Pandora are unavailable in Belgium. Will try Shazam though…
    • Nick: Spore is a great game, but after a couple of levels, it gets boring.
    • Sam: Downloading Air Sharing as we speak.
    • Prisca: Things FTW!
  • Michael Montgomery

    5034 days ago

    Twitterific & TwitterFon, Pandora, NetNewsWire, Stanza, Bible, Tris

    Web: Remember The Milk, Google Translate, Shredder Chess

  • Marko Mihelcic

    5033 days ago

    Since I upgraded to 2.1 I’m using:
    RDP Lite

  • Patrick Haney

    5020 days ago

    My most used apps are definitely Twitterrific ($9.99), MLB At Bat ($4.99), Hold Em ($4.99), all of which are worth the money (though I find that Twitterrific looks great yet doesn’t function as well as it should).

    Other good apps are Units (the $0.99 app is great and worth more than that), Wikipanion (for quick Wikipedia lookups, and free), Evernote (free and syncs with the desktop/web app), Shazam (to figure out what song is playing), and Yelp (great for finding nearby restaurants or bars).

    I’m in the process of designing a few apps myself, though I can’t vouch for my ability to write any Objective-C…

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