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Maxvoltar - Experiences that make us who we are today

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Experiences that make us who we are today

I don’t keep it a secret that I’ve been bullied around quite a lot when I went to school. You had the typical group of bullies existing out of 1 “leader”, and a couple of brainless followers looking for a place to fit in.

Last week I was catching up with an old friend, and he send me a link to a self help group for people who lost one of their relatives. It was a forum thread started by the sister of the “leader”. He killed himself last year.

If you read something like this, a lot of feelings and emotions run through you at once. I felt confused, felt bad for his sister, parents and friends, but I did not feel glad or happy or relieved at all, although I had all the reasons for it.

What he put me through might have left some scars on me (took me a couple of years before I regained my self-confidence), but it also made me who I am today.

Emotionally, it made me very strong. I learned how to take a lot of criticism, how to stand up for my opinion and for the opinion of others, and how to think twice before forming a preconception about someone or something.

Professionally, well, let’s just say that I had a lot of spare time after school, and not a lot of people to spend it with. I spend hours and hours at night learning about things called “HTML” and “CSS” (after someone told me Frontpage was a no-go if you wanted to create decent websites).

My point here is that everything what happened in your life before today, no matter how negative they are, made you into who you are.


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