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Maxvoltar - A conversation with my iPhone

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A conversation with my iPhone

Having some fun with Voice Control on the iPhone. It’s quite clear we aren’t made for each other.

Me: “Play Silversun Pickups"
iPhone: “Playing songs by Big Dumb Face"
Me: “Call Gwenny"
iPhone: “Calling Nik Fletcher"
Me: “Get bent”
iPhone: “Playing Genius playlist based on Riders On The Storm by The Doors”


  • Andy

    5015 days ago

    I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering why the hell you have Big Dumb Face on your iPod.

  • Tim Van Damme

    5015 days ago

    @Andy: Because they are awesome?

  • Matt

    5014 days ago

    So either voice control needs a lot of work, or you can’t talk right. One of the two. Maybe both.

    And seriously – Big Dumb Face?! Haha I’m agreeing with Andy. ;-)

  • Dan

    5013 days ago

    Well seeing as you’re from Belgium, maybe you have an awful accent?

  • Ms Willis

    5003 days ago

    I talk to my iPhone via Google search you ever done that yet?

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