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Maxvoltar - Why I love Twitter/How to make great tea

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Why I love Twitter/How to make great tea

It’s been really hectic the last couple of weeks. Result: Not enough sleep, not enough vitamins and not enough nutritious food. So I’m on the verge of being sick, and have a sore throat. My mother always said a big mug of hot tea is the best medicine for this, so I posted a tweet, asking what the best way was to make a decent cuppa.

Within minutes I had an entire screen full with tips on how to make a great cup of tea. Replies are ordered as they appeared in Twitterrific:

Request for tea

røuslan valiulin said:

“first teabag, then water to the half of a mug, wait 3-4 minutes, add sugar or honey, wait for a while then fill the mug up”

Tom said:

“teabag first, with sugar”

Hicksy said:

“depends on personal taste and the kind of tea, but he most important thing is freshly drawn water, freshly boiled. needs oxygen!”

Tom Condon said:

“if using a tea bag, then it goes first. I like tea with just a little sugar. Real tea snobs won’t use tea bags, only leaves.”

mathiasbaert said:

“First rince the pot with hot water. Second add tea: 1 spoon/person and a spoon for the pot. Third add boiling water. No additives”

Mike Robinson said:

“Teabag -> 2 Sugars -> Water -> Brew for a bit -> Teabag out -> Milk -> Enjoy”

Cole Henley said:

“personally teabag > add water > stew (2 mins max) and stir > remove teabag > add milk/sugar as desired”

Sarah said:

“I’m not an addict but fresh tea is prefered. If teabag: first the bag, then the water. And every addict would say without sweets.”

Alex Torrance (check out his username) said:

“Orwell’s A Nice Cup of Tea essay explains the process perfectly.”

Grace Smith said:

“Serial Tea Drinker here ;-) Tea bag first, followed by a little milk, no sugar and i only add honey if i have a sore throat”

My brother said some unimportant things.

Andy Field said:

“Teabag? sacrilege ;) Warm pot and tea leaves”

Pete Roome said:

“Black Tea, tea bag first!”

Elliot Jay Stocks said:

“I always find honey is superior to sugar in Chai and Rooibus.”

How’s that for a free microblog/community/… ;-) Thanks all!


  • Mike Robinson

    3879 days ago

    You got some great responses! I’m going to try going without sugar for 2 weeks, like that “A Nice Cup of Tea” essay says.

  • iYoko

    3879 days ago

    “My brother said some unimportant things.” It IS important. It‘s just a piece of life! I’m not the onlyone who misunderstood it :)

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