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Maxvoltar - Glad

Maxvoltar is the personal weblog of Tim Van Damme, a freelance interface designer at Made by Elephant.

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I’m glad my parents run a successful business that has nothing to do with the web.
I’m glad my brother is following a training for a job he’s been wanting for a long time (cabin crew), and that has nothing to do with the web.
I’m glad my girlfriend works in a totally different sector as me, which has little to do with the web.
I’m glad my best friends (in Belgium) all have various jobs, mostly nothing to do with the web (I even have a friend who doesn’t have an email address, beat that).

These things give you perspective. An insight on the world that tells you not everything happens online. They also give you a perfect audience to test your work on. As web professionals, we’re biased, and think we know best.

I’m glad I can stay connected with so many people around the world through various mediums such as IM, microblogging Twitter and email.
I’m glad there are multiple events per year where I can actually meet up with these people face to face, and where we geek out ‘till we freak out.
I’m glad the community of web professionals is a very friendly and open one, and that it’s easy to launch something, or to ask for feedback.
I’m glad the internet has given us multiple toolboxes full of ways to share things we’re passionate about.

These things confirm that you’re not the only one who loves what you do for a living. That our profession is indeed alive and very much kicking. That we are sure to earn a living for ourselves and those close to us for at least another decade.


  • Ramy

    3601 days ago

    Not all creative pros are that modest and I admire this from yours.

    Creative professionals that are versed in the Web and really active on social media are an influence for the younger people – like me – who aspire to do what you guys do.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, every day.

    Short, sweet, and inspiring.

  • Dean

    3601 days ago

    It’s nice to read a post that isn’t about something negative or something technical for a change.

    If I can be so bold as to add mine to the list, I’m glad that although I don’t have any involvement in the web through my employment, I am able to feel connected to those that do through the means you’ve mentioned.

    I’m also glad that that connection allows me to aspire to do what you guys do, although in contrast to Ramy, I’m probably the same age if not older than many of “you guys”

  • Carolyn Wood

    3601 days ago

    Lovely post, Tim.

    I’ll add to your list of things to be glad about:

    I’m glad I’ve had the chance to laugh and laugh with you via Skype and elsewhere (and talk about the web a little bit, too.)

    I’m glad we all have had the chance to see your bright, fresh, brilliant designs.

  • Paddy

    3601 days ago

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s so refreshing coming home to my girlfriend and chatting about the real world and not the latest app that’s been released. :)

    It’s so healthy having other people to talk to who aren’t at all interested in the web world.

    I wish I knew someone under 30 who didn’t have an email address though. You’re so lucky :)

  • Wez Maynard

    3601 days ago

    Spot on Tim.

    The web is definitely not the be and end all. Some other web professionals would do well to remember that.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Johannes Gorset

    3601 days ago

    I don’t know, I kind of like to think that the world revolves around the internet sometimes.

  • Matthew

    3601 days ago

    Refreshing. I would have really enjoyed coming to Belgium for the most recent conference and having a post conference beer with you. In the meantime, I’m glad for Twitter :)

  • nabeel hyatt

    3598 days ago

    what a great post.. and best of all, it makes you reflect on yourself. keep it up Tim.

  • Daus

    3595 days ago

    Nicely said, Tim. The part that we are not alone is really relieving :)

  • Tim Van Damme

    3595 days ago

    • @all: Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad this was of any help for you guys!
    • @Carolyn Wood: Although we never met, it’s true that we’ve had some serious laughs on Skype :)
    • @Matthew: You should come over one day, really!
  • Daniel

    3582 days ago

    What do you mean web design will be alive for at least another decade? What’s going to happen after then? I’m pretty sure that as long as the internet exists, web designers will be in demand. No amount of free templates and WYSIWYG editors can replace a designer’s eye for good design.

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