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Maxvoltar - Giving your clients that feel-good feeling

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Giving your clients that feel-good feeling

“Thank you for your purchase.” That’s the default message you get after buying a product online. It’s boring, and it makes me go “Fuck, I just spent money!” You would almost think it’s the hard-coded message inside the majority of shopping software. Luckily, there are a couple of brands that do know how to talk to their new customers, and probable sealing a future relation with them at the same time.

Yesterday I received my Booq Boa Case (M). If you buy a bag from Booq, they offer you a service called Terralinq, which helps you recover the bag if you lose it. I also have a Knomo bag, which came with a similar service. So I decided to register both, as the Knomo bag is my default when I’m going out laptop only (the one from Booq is for traveling, and has room for my DSLR together with a couple of lenses). Here’s an excerpt from the confirmation mail I got from Knomo:

“[…] But there are a few other things we need to tell you about your knomo. They love traveling. Any traveling! Planes, trains, buses, even scooters. They also like to show-off quite a bit. So the next time you’re in a meeting, instead of putting your knomo on the floor, why not leave it on the table. And remember, when they’re not in the office, they love to be seen out on the town. So every now and again you may want to take yours to a restaurant or bar (the swankier the better).”

This made me laugh. It’s almost like the bag has a life of its own. They also emphasize the luxury of the bag, which let’s you feel good for purchasing it.

Thumbs up!


  • Sam Brown

    3864 days ago

    Denise Wilton from did a presentation at FOWD 2007 which was all about giving your brand personality and how it has made Moo such a success.

    Definitely sounds like Knomo are taking a similar approach, and I very much like this. Beats your bog standard confirmation crap that like you said, leaves a bit of a bitter taste in your mouth afterwards.

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