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Maxvoltar - Changes are bad, even good ones

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Changes are bad, even good ones

Returning from a much needed holiday, I found Twitterrific was returning more then the usual 20 latest tweets. “A glitch in the Twittix” was my first thought. When I woke up the next day, I had 64 new tweets. I suddenly realized: Twitter had finally taken away the API-limit of returning only the last 20 entries.

Whoa great! Finally, the guys from Twitter lifted their lazy asses and fixed some stuff that had been broken for way too long. Now I can finally read up to what everybody’s been doing the entire night and stuff. Yeah. Cool. No.

I love the fact that Twitter is getting more and more stable, and would even pay for the service. Congratulations to the fact that they managed to giving their API some more “muscles”.

But I don’t need it. I don’t want it. Twitter is all about quick, short bits of information. Things of more importance are written down (or should be written down) in blogposts. When I wake up, the only thing I might be interested in, is some recent Tweets — just to get back up to speed — and get my day full of work started.

This is something I shouldn’t have known, unless Twitter had put up the limit of 20 tweets. It became a habit. A habit I enjoyed more and more, and now Twitter broke that habit, and I’m uncomfortable with it.

I can understand that when you follow 25 or less people, reading all their tweets isn’t a problem. But I follow around 100 Twitterrers (all of them are awesome people who have interesting things to say, so I’m not cutting down on that list).

Is it possible to have the option on how many we want to load? At the level of Twitter, or inside Twitterrific. On the other hand: that’s one more option/feature, and I love the simplicity of the entire Twitter-concept…

I’m interested in hearing what other people are thinking about this? Are you the type of person that likes to read what happened while you were sleeping, or don’t you care, and just catch up sporadically with what the world of Twitter has to say to you?


  • Wolf

    3848 days ago

    What about… reading the amount you want to read? Simple.

  • Tim Van Damme

    3848 days ago

    @Wolf: On my laptop, that’s indeed what I do. Just do a quick scroll to the top, read a couple of tweets, and press cmd + k.

    On the iPhone, it’s an entirely different story, because the controls you have are more limited. Yes, you can tap the top bar and go straight to the latest tweet, but it feels like some sort of workaround…

  • Koen Van der Auwera

    3847 days ago

    Twitter is all about ‘what are you doing’, so for me, only what’s happening now, is interesting. What is passed is passed.

    As for the iPhone, I use Hahlo. No need to scroll there ;)

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